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in gaza city celebrating the end of the eight-day conflict. hours later israeli troops killed one palestinian man and wounded several others. however both sides call it an isolated incident that won't jeopardize the cease fire. >>> a mass protest is being held in cairo, egypt right now. it's all in response to a controversial political power play by president mohammed morsi. he has issued a decree that pars the court system from overruling its decisions. morsi's critics are outraged. >>> as we just told you holiday shopping is in full swing but in sacramento there were some very tense moments for shoppers. as you can see those cameras were rolling when one k-mart shopper threatened to stab others were they shoving to get into the store. >>> businesses are experiencing a rush in shores today making it a prime time for criminals to slip counterfeit bills at the register. the long lines and slammed clerks -- ticket authorities slim a counterfeit bill into their stack of cash and employees hardly notice with the surrounding chaos. they say if the bill feels different it is probably fa
this thanksgiving and a growing number of them are veterans. new at 6, john is live in redwood city with the help being offered this holiday to those who served our country in uniform. >> reporter: this is the maple street shelter where residents are wrapping up dinner here on the night before thanksgiving. 75 men and women live here, including those who were willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for their country. johnny served during the vietnam area. >> i felt like i was going to day. >> reporter: this has been amos's home since july. it's not where this veteran thinks he or the other two dozen vets who live here town. >> this doesn't feel very good, after you served your country and gave your best, put your life on the line. >> reporter: steve allen is a navy veteran. he too never thought he would end up here. but he says it is a lifesaver. >> reestablishing my connection with the v.a. and the services of the civilian world, i've progressed more than i have, boy, in trouble 25 years. >> reporter: william booker was in the army and was homeless, but now he has a lot to be thankful for since h
. >>> to the continuing violence in the middle east, a bomb went off on a city bus in tel aviv. the bus was going past the military building when it exploded. there are reports that a man carried a package on the bus and it blew off after he got off the bus. coming up -- a report about all of the fighting. >>> back here at home, one of the suspects in a violent strings of crime in san jose will go in front of the judge for the first time. jonathan wilbanks is facing charges of murder, attempted murder and robbery. now, he and another man are accused of four robberies, a deadly attempted carjacking and a shooting that injured a police officer friday night. now, the two of them were caught on surveillance video at a 7/11 store where a man was shot and killed by the suspect. a $20,000 reward is being offered for information for the man who is still out there on the loose. >>> people in palo alto are being warned about two different scams involving energy and water services. the first one involves someone claiming to be from a gas company they claim a product they are selling lowers your bill. the city sa
francisco's style and how we are as a city. >> reporter: progressive supervisors criticized the proposal but it passed 6 to 5 to cheers and jeers. >> it's telling people they should be ashamed to be naked. that's wrong. >> this is our city. this is why people are here. it's offensive to you, don't live here. >> reporter: a legal team is seeking an injunction against the man arguing it infringes on free speech. >> why is it that nude expressive speech is okay if the city says it's all right. but it's not okay on castro street. >> reporter: the ban does permit public nudity at certain permitted events. if enacted the ban would take place on february 1st of next year. a final vote is scheduled for next week. >> we are on storm watch as a front of significant rain takes aim at the bay area. we have live team coverage. john sasaki is in the north bay where it's been raining all day. we start with chief meteorologist bill martin who is tracking the storm. >> showers throughout the bay area. we've been light and have be ahead of the front. not really the storm that's been in mill valley or oakl
homicides in the city today. investigators toll the oakland tribune the body of 18-year-old greysi morales-cordon was found. she was pronounced dead at the scene. a 19-year-old man was found shot near 59th street and he later died at the a hospital. the two homes bring the city's total to 113 this year. the city had 110 homicides in all of last year. >>> tonight menlo park police are investigating a second shooting on the same street where a man was shot and killed last week of the most recent incident happened this morning in the 300 block of ivy drive. officers say 12 shots were fired at a house that was occupied, but no one was injured. >>> a homeless man is recovering tonight after getting stuck inside a storm drain for hours. >> thank you. >> ktvu obtained this exclusive video of the rescue last night. pinole police say they found the 27-year-old man stuck inside the drain after getting reports of dries for help near the best buy store. after unsuccessfully pulling him out, they had to cut him out. we have posted the raw video of that rescue on our website. log onto and scr
the city with new information at noon to explain what is at stake. good afternoon, brian. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. what's at take for these women they say is the chance to serve on the front lines, be recognized for their efforts. for years, women were not allowed on the front lines of military coomb bat. but a recentry filed -- combat but a recently filed lawsuit changes that. >> this directly contributes to the notion that women do not belong in the military that they, in fact, weaken the armed forces. >> reporter: these women representing all branches of the military along with the aclu have filed a lawsuit. >> the enemy doesn't distinguish between gender. when i was going out on missions in iraq and my vehicle was hit by an efp and everyone in it my vehicle received different is selves of shrapnel, the shrapnel didn't miss me because they saw i had an x chromosome. >> reporter: this policy makes it difficult for them to do their job and even prevents them from leadership policy. >> this policy is bad for the armed services, bad for our service members and needs to be changed.
the city is using to target taggers, paul. >> julie, graffiti is a huge problem in the city of oakland. take a look at it yourself. this entire side of the building has been defaced but today the city council members and business owners took the first step at combating the problem. you can see graffiti almost everywhere you look. an eyesore to many especially the owner of mido a new restaurant near jack london square. >> we selected the color because we wanted to kind of beautify this corner. it's bad enough we get a lot of trash that's dumped here on the side. >> reporter: silvi kwra mccollow and her husband opened the restaurant two years ago, since then they have spent a lot of money painting over the graffiti. >> being a brand new restaurant we're just struggling to you know, stay afloat inside. we're focusing on the restaurant. >> a lot of graffiti goes up and takes a lot of time, kind of messes up the neighborhood i feel like a little bit. but we end up painting over it a couple of times a month. >> reporter: business owners feel like they're at the mercy of the taggers and now t
chopper 2. the store opened up at midnight. >>> your time is 6:04. new this morning the city of oakland reaches a grim milestone. the 111th homicide of the year has been recorded. that is one more than all of last year. latest one happened yust before 2:00 this morning on willow street in west oakland. so far no suspects are in custody. >>> police in richmond now investigating a second deadly shooting on the same block this week. the latest one happened on fifth and barrett. about 10:00 last night. a man walked up to the victim who was sitting on a porch and started shooting. this was just a few yards away from a make-shift memorial where another man was shot and killed tuesday. police say they don't think there is a connection between the two cases. >>> an apartment house fire leaves about 20 people looking for a new place to live on thanksgiving. ktvu janine de la vega live with information on where the fire may have started and also a fire captain was very seriously hurt. what do you know? >> reporter: well, dave that fire captain is at the hospital suffering from serious injuries to
've really stepped it up, bringing extra crews to be extra vigilant. going around the city to look for problems before they surface to make sure there's plenty of prevention going on. >> reporter: all of their crews will be on call tomorrow, roaming the streets looking for flooding and trees down by very strong winds. in addition sandbags have been made available to residents. >> the sandbags are something we always have them on hand but we just ordered 5,000 new ones to come in this morning so they're ready to go for the residents. >> reporter: this city crew spend the -- spent the morning in ocean beach. a near certainly that the waves we saw today will pail in comparison to what we'll see later this week. >> it's hard to surf when it's big like that. >> i bet. >> reporter: with that gail warning kicking in early this morning. the coast guard is urging boaters to use extra caution and to make sure before the storm hits that their boats are tied up because when those break lose, the coast guard or other agencies have to respond tieing up valuable resources. in pacifica, ken pritc
toward daily city and the bay view district and showers now down toward shark park in pacifica and san francisco airport. drop across the bay over toward emeryville up in broadway terrace. you have showers up in orinda as well. these showers now are starting to increase and they will continue to increase as we go through the next hour so as this system starts to work its way south. this is the general motion. it is a slow mover. this thing has been up in the north bay for hours it's now just starting to shift. when i come back we will time out the progression of this shift. there will be some in the bay area tomorrow morning. that's how slow it's going. >>> tonight's rain is causing may job problems for people with travel plans at sfo. we spoke to the duty manager within the past hour and learned that 81 flights were cancelled. delays have been running 50 to 60 minutes. the faa restricted the number of arrivals to 26 per hour instead of the 56 per hour. >> when we looked at the screens, it looked like he was going to be at least 45 minutes late. >> weather delays in other parts of the
looking good. >> tara, thank you and a very good morning. >>> sunrise over the city, a few high clouds and a little bit of patchy fog. it tends to pop up around 6 and 8 and burn off around 9. it can be great visibility and lousy visibility. cold readings inland, it's going to be another nice day. a few high clouds, mostly sunny, mild to warm, running a little bit above average on the afternoon highs. the weekend not much change. fog might be increasing, though as we get easterly breeze from the delta, and next rain would be looks like maybe late next wednesday, more likely thursday and maybe all the way into saturday or sunday, could be wet. forecast models are definitely on board. but that's not until next week. a lot of high clouds in the north, generally speaking it's the fog. get rid of both of these, it will be sunny side up. it's the inland fog, not the coastal fog and that's what we're dealing with because of the recent rain. no here for a while as we just talked about. plenty of cloud cover, that's portland and seattle. for us the higher clouds moving through the northern part
december 7th and starting salary is 88,000 dollars a year. in the city of antioch, we offer a new incentive to apply to its police force and they are set to apply tomorrow to change the formula for transfers for existing officers. he had a pension of 3% of last year's salary times the number of years they worked for the department. he has 14 vacant positions. >>> and car buffs are hitting show rooms next year. they are in san francisco showcasing 39 auto makers and it is the 55th year event and they can test drive some of the newest models. the show opens until 8:00 and tickets are $9. >> 4:45, just the fog out there is really dense out there and it is really bad. >> hey, tara. >>> across the bridge, there is a really good chance you will run into some fog. and we are all under heavy fog advisory. >>> and in the pittsburgh area, you can see those headlights those have it westbound towards concord no delays. >>> and you can see what we are talking about here, just how heavy, heavy this is. give yourself some extra time this evening. go under if you can. >>> up next you can see traffic is sl
the city and then also towards parts of the coast. we do have coast and also inland bay fog. usually it is one or the other and not both. but a few locations are clear. so a dense fog advisory takes us until 9:00. sunny, this will be our last sunny day of the week. no doubt about it. not only fog but increasing clouds. and then wednesday through sunday, a pretty wet pattern. but it's too early to go in for totals yet. there are reports from the russian river north for maybe a foot of rain between wednesday and sunday. we'll see. one forecast model is not as bullish as the other. but it's going to rain. fog and clouds here for the morning for some. it will be very foggy. that fog is tough to burn off, once it sets up. but mostly sunny in the afternoon. kind of hazy and mild. the dry patterned ends wednesday morning and then it will be good by fog and hello to rain. heavier amounts will be north. it looks like the first take, wednesday morning and then thursday evening. after that, friday, saturday, and sunday look to be a complete broad brush. today, we have a mostly clear sky after t
to another city. we do know that this intersection will be closed for the next several hours. that's a concern to residents here because there are three schools in this vicinity. reporting live from milpitas, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> happening now, a police standoff ended on treasure island a little while ago. christien kafton has been on this story since 4:30 this morning. what do you know now? >> reporter: police are confirming that this standoff did end with the suspect dying from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. we're on treasure island. keep in mind. you can see what appears to be the suspect's vehicle. the suspect's body was just taken from the scene here. he held off police for about five hours here with a gun to his head. police are now allowing cars to come and go from the island. they are using just one lane, though, so access to treasure island is somewhat restricted because they are allowing inbound traffic to come in and then they will stop and allow outbound traffic for a little while. people were stranded for hours as a situation developed
can see traffic flowing nightly on to foster city. let's head back to the desk. >>> all right happening right now the black friday rush under way in san francisco. let's go out to ktvu channel 2 reporter alex savidge who is at the westfield mall in san francisco. doors just opened right? >> yes the madness under way here. take a look. this is westfield shopping center right on market street in san francisco. they just opened those doors a few seconds ago. the crowd here erupted in a big cheer as the folks from the shopping center opened the doors and they are inside the mall right now. they are heading off to try to find the best deals they can possibly find on this black friday. a lot of stores in this area have been open since midnight but of course the mall here opening up at 5:00. i want to show you this line that is still going on. these are hundreds of people who have been camped out here overnight. they are all waiting to get inside the abercrombie and fitch store where apparently for the first hour or so the deals will be 50% off. we talked to some of these folks they
at city hall where the assassinations took place on this day 34 years ago. on the steps of city hall, people gathered to remember the two slain leaders. mayor george mascone and harvey milk the city's first openly gay supersraoeup super -- supervisor. family members say the two men were trail blazers for civil rights. and the dispair on november 27, 1978 within they were gunned down by former supervisor dan white has now turned into hope. >> we will not stop until we have equality across the globe and that is what tonight means. >> reporter: with candles in hand, hundreds marched from city hall to the castro reflecting on the impact of the assassination. >> it mean as great deal. it means our freedom. >> i met mayor mascone the year before he was assassinated -- >> reporter: this man tells us he was only 19 at the time. he said these two leaders gave the gay community the courage to deal with the aids epidemic. >> that lit a fire under myself and my fellow activists. >> reporter: the mood was upbeat when the march ended. a memorial has been set up to celebrate the life of harvey mil
home. >> we could not just get in and they were asking us to go back to the city or go someplace else or something like that. >>> and now at this time, treasure island is shut down, westbound and eastbound and we just learned that the red cross does have a shelter available for people who live on the island who are stranded unable to get home, that is at a trans bay terminal and at this point no word on when access will be granted back on to the island. we have heard police say they will work some way of getting people on and off the island and no word on how that will be implemented and no timeline on that because it is a sensitive situation. they don't want people driving passed the area and he has held the gun to his own head and they don't want anybody else to be a victim in this case and they don't want anybody to be tar getted as they pass by that scene. we will continue to brings updates as they become available to us and for now we are live in san francisco, christian captain, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> more developing news this time from milpitas. police are blocking of
and the campaign has spread. >> if you plan to go to oakland today you can park for free. the city is offers free parking every saturday until new year's day. no charge to park at all city run meter spaces and four city owned garages you will get free parking for two hours. it's to get people to say in oakland. >> early numbers in and black friday appears to be turning in to black thursday. some stores here opened at eight thank giverring night. a new study shows 17% of the people who shopped were actually in those stores when the doors opened on thursday night. apparently that also helped sales. economists predict the sales will be up almost 4%. >>> and if you missed black friday you still have cyber monday. according to a new survey 49% of workers plan to do a little shopping this year while they are at work. economists say many have become more lenient when it comes to using breaks and down time to shop. >> i'm not an online shopper. >> i am. it's 'yes. >> more than going in. >> i still like going in. >> i have a problem --. >> online. >> that is true. >> anywhere. i can --. >> if yo
all the way to richmond. the lanes were back open about one hour ago. >> this morning city crews were busy fixing water main breaks. there were four significant breaks, one in east san jose, two in redwood city and a fourth in pittsburgh. water officials say weak pipes often break when the warm weather turns cold. officials say the 6-inch pipe that broke had probably been in use since the 30s or 40s. residents say water was rushing down the street for about an hour and a half. about 10 homes ended up losing their water service until 9:00 this morning while crews were out repairing that pipe. >> more bloodshed in the gaza conflict as delicate cease fire talks continue. rita williams live in our newsroom. you talked with a former reporter who is in the middle of it all. >> reporter: that's right. the day began in the middle east with high hopes of a cease fire. it's now wednesday there and still no end to the week long violence. perhaps the last show of strength to help them at the bargaining table. both israel and palestinian militants in gaza traded air strikes and rocket attacks even
fighting in the area in the last four years. the gauzy city skyline has been peppered with shell attacks as residents flee. 10,000 residents have sought shelter in u.n.-run schools. that's after israel troops dropped leaflets warning them to evacuate. egypt's foreign minister announced the deal this morning with hamas and hillary clinton who arrived to help broker the truce. >> egypt's new government is assuming the responsibility and leadership that has long made this country a cornerstone of regional stability and peace. >> earlier today, rockets were gaza struck a bus filled with people in the heart of tel aviv. at least 27 people were injured. while hamas did not take responsibility for the bombing, the mill lip tant group praised it -- the militant group praised it. >> translator: what happened in tel aviv was a heroic operation that gifted palestinian and gaza high. >> that comment came before the cease fire was announced. israel's prime minister agreed to the deal after a call from president obama. the president is offering to help israel strengthen its defense system and says he
a big and controversial move at the city's airport. they may give airport staffers and biologists the okay to shoot at birds to scare them away, but for the most part they will use blanks. the current city law allows them to fire guns and there are more than 108 bird strikes since 2009. it happened when they hit the engines of a southwest -- when birds hit the engines of a southwest airlines jet. >>> and good day for the second half of your day, from the estuary you can see hazy sunshine and low clouds in the background. still fog reported over part of the bay as well as the peninsular and along the coastline but foggy conditions will continue through this afternoon and napa is slightly warmer, santa rosa is slightly cooler and same goes for concord, slightly cooler and warmer in livermore. widespread 50s and 60s outside our door. a ridge of high pressure is still in place, locked in for awhile while -- for a little while longer. 58 degrees in san francisco, 58 in mountain view, mostly clear skies and we'll see that hazy sunshine for today and all in all it will be a pleasant afte
more speed options, reliability and ways to connect. rethink possible. >>> the city of san jose is facing a crucial question. who is going to be hired as the next police chief. this comes as the department is add odds with the mayor about cutbacks, and as there are major carolinas bout staffing and morale. >> reporter: a meeting is set to get under way in just about 90 minutes here at the community center. it is designed to get residents engaged in the search process. as part of a national search for the next leader of san jose's police department, the city manager is take input from the community. >> we have a series of four meetings to check with residents, what's changed, what are the things that are concerning you, what are the qualities of the next chief that we should look for opinion. >> reporter: the police force currently has nearly 1100 sworn officers. the city said it is looking for a good manager who can deal with constrained resources. >> what we've learned is that the chief of police in san jose really has to have a good mix of being community minded, collaborati
by that i mean eureka and crescent city. still gusts of 40 miles an hour. it's sliding by now. but there is definitely breaks to the north. the front is sliding by now. very slowly i might add. it's not moving very quick. there has been pretty good totals. there is breaks in the north bay. peninsula over to the east bay. there have been bursts of moderate rain. some areas is like a drizzle. keep that in mind. also toward the south bay and the peninsula you can see there is a little bit of a back edge here but still for another couple hours we dealing with this system. it's not moving very quick. 60-degrees in oakland. 60 san jose. it's mild. this is not a cold system by any stretch of the imagination. when things clear out of here which will be later today and tonight there will be big-time valley fog. today we'll have to deal with the morning rain and clouds. windy up in the hills. very mild. the rain will taper off own very little clearing. am rain clouds and sun. 60s on the temps. now it looks good but i will tell you the fog will be thick as thieves as we head toward the n
, that means fog. 44 popular right there, 44 fairfield, antioch, livermore and san jose. 43 redwood city. couple upper 30 area knee palo alton and wood side. sunshine, severe clear. patchy fog in the valley. some will be increasing in the next 36-48 hours, but today, lots of sun. and i think the pattern's here on hold into the holiday weekend. with that in mind, temperatures will warm up, but nights will be chilly and some fog, is days, sunny, mild and warm. >>> a south bay beauty shop cashes fire. why investigators are calling it suspicious. >> reporter: people have been camping out here since sunday for black friday deals. we'll show you how they are keeping busy and tell you where you can shop as early as 8:00 p.m. night. >> are the 49ers may go musical quarterback? who reportedly will start this sunday? [ crickets chirping ] [ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ]
morning news. >>> and city leaders are asking for advanced warning in the event same sex marriage becomes formally legalized. california's voter approve ban on gay marriage and if the high court refuses to hear proposition 8 would stand and become legal in california. san francisco city leaders say if it happens, they would need at least 24 hours to prepare for a flood of marriage license requests. >>> cat williams is in trouble with the law again and just weeks ago he was arrested in oakland on suspicion of a salt. coming up, why he may face new charges in sacramento. >>> and any are not -- and they are not sure whether they can shoot birds to keep them from planes. if shooting blank fail to scare them away, permanent employees may be allowed to use bird shot. they deferred that proposal to be talked about later. >>> there is a sky show on the way right now the final lunar eclipse of the year. and even if our cloudy rainy skies are there, you will be unlikely to notice the stage -- unlikely to notice the stage of theee lips and that will happen at -- eclipse than will happen at 6:00 this
exploded on a city bus in tel aviv. as that fighting still goes on. the bus was passing military headquarters building when the bomb went off. at least ten people were hurt 37 we are getting reports a man carried the package on to the bus and it blew up after he got off the bus. secretary of state hillary clinton is meting with all sides of the conflict in the middle east. trying to work out a cease fire. this is video secretary clinton top. what are the chances for a negotiated end to all of the fight something >>> later today one of the suspects in a violent stream of crimes will face the junk for the first time. jonathan wilbanks faces murder, attempted more, and robbery. the two were caught on surveillance video at the 7- eleven where a man was shot and killed by the suspect a $20,000 reward is being offered for any information leading to the arrest of the second man who is still on the loose. >>> law enforcement agencies are warning bay area drivers to obey the rules of the road. the traditional holiday dui crack down starts at 6:00 tonight and it will run until 6:00 monday
, it was about the atmosphere. >> we do this after every thanksgiving, go to pier city 9. it's a family tradition. >> reporter: and back here, a lot of anticipation for the 23rd annual macy's tree lighting here in union square. 23,000 l.e.d. lights on this tree, 1100 ornaments. lights go on about 6:40 tonight. >>> other downtown areas suburban malls and shopping centers have been flooded with bargain hunters today. that includes this shop. while a lot of stores opened at midnight or even earlier, the broadway plaza stores didn't open until 8:00 this morning. >>> a wait that lasted for days has finally come to an end for folks camped out at best buy store. this was the scene as the store opened. shoppers were rushing in hoping to get a 40-inch tv on sale for $180. there were also deals on dvds. and thousands of people started racing through the paragon stores after the outlets opened at 10:00 last night, and they will stay open until 11:00 tonight. >> small retailers may not be able to compete with the big guys on this black friday, but they are hoping to cash in, too. we look at the deals being
. they hope this will remind people to be extra cautious. robert handa, ktvu news. >>> the city of oakland surpassed last year's total of 110 homicides when a man was shot and killed this morning. police have not released any details about a possible motive in the 111th homicide. so far no suspects have been identified. >>> police in richmond are stepping up patrols in the city's iron triangle after the second homicide there in a week. a man was shot and killed just before 10:00 last night. at fifth street and barrett aver. that's just a few yards away from where another man was shot and killed on tuesday. investigators say they don't know if these two shootings are connected. >>> now to black friday, a lot of stores were packed today in some cases after people waited in lines for days for the doors to finally open. >>> at this best buy in emeryville, shoppers rushed in at midnight, many were hoping to get one of the 40-inch tvs or laptops for discounted prices. in san francisco, thousands pushed through the doors at this abercrombie and fitch store. >>> the sidewalks they were jammed with
and the preparations now under way for wind and rain. >>> the city of san jose tonight held the first of four public meetings as it seeks input for the search of a new police chief. residents went to the bay area for an opportunity to speak out about the qualities they would like if the city's next police chief. the current chief moore plans to step down in january almost exactly two years after he took the job. >> i think the community deserves a longer commitment, there's no way i can hold anybody to a commitment, i think though that will be a very important priority for me. >> reporter: whoever will take the job will need to overcome low moral. >>> the u.s. congress returned from its holiday recess and began to try to work for a deal to try to avoid the fiscal cliff. if there's no action by the new year some existing tax cuts will be filed. but finding consensus between republicans and democrats will not be easy. >> as president eisenhower said there will have to be compromises. and seeking compromises is the only way forward. >> some gop lawmakers now say they'll have to put the pledge aside for
closed down the freeways and searched for evidence, a 16-year-old boy was found on city streets nearby, police thinks he may have been an occupant of one of the cars. no one was hit by the gunfire. an hour after that shooting there was another one in east oakland that claimed theline life of a 33-year-old man. they found him laying on hilton street near seminary avenue. pronounced dead at the scene. the coroner later identified him as hosea estrada. he may have been on hiway home. whoever shot him may have stolen his car. his death is the 110th home side -- homicide of the year. >>> snatch and grab car break- ins. residents awoke this morning to find smashed car windows and all of the glass littering the curb and the 1800 block of lake shore. as you can see the dash ripped apart in that suv and all five vehicles were hit and so far police have not made any arrests. >>> well, from car burglaries to home burglaries, the one action men to protect people when they travel that may be attract criminals. >>> a stretch of ocean beach in san francisco is close to the public because of a sewage
for the bay bridge and you can see folks headed into the city and definitely give yourself some extra time. lorraine blanco is out there. how are people looking are they taking it slowly? >> yes, they are not taking it that slowly and the fog has not let up since we have been out here. just behind me is the toll plaza and you can't see it at all. now traffic is moving, moving rather slowly here and visibility is very low. here is a look at some iphone video as we head down in el cerrito tow. even -- el cerrito. in oakland you could not read the signs and driving around the east bay is a challenge this morning. we also shot video near berkeley and that could be tricky and today drivers are breaking more in heavy fog. advisories to tell you about, there is an advisory on the bay bridge as well as the san mateo and the venetia bridge and you will want to give yourself some extra time, slow down and use those low beams. reporting live lorraine blanco ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> more than 100 people were sent to the hospital after carbon-monoxide scare. here is more on what pg&e discovered
and we have smooth sailing as you head westbound into foster city. let's head back to the desk. >>> we have new information on that police standoff that has blocked people from returning home to treasure island and christian captain has more. it is certainly changing and unfolding. >> reporter: yes, we just moved from san francisco to oakland and if you look, the information sign is illuminated over the bridge advising people there is no access to treasure island and i just spoke to san francisco police who confirmed that the suspect who had been holding a gun to his head on treasure island and prey vending -- preventing access and is now dead from a self inflicted gunshot wound. they just left to go open the bridge so bridge access to off and on the island is expected to be opened and we have video out of his vehicle earlier this morning sitting on the railing with police officers all around him and police confirmed it started out as a police pursuit. is it started at 11 dark it started at 11:00 and the police suspect pulled a gun and fired one shot at the officers. he got out of the
this morning a bomb exploded on a city bus in tel aviv as the fighting continues between israel and gaza. the bus was passing military headquarters when the bomb went off. at least ten people were hurt. there are reports that a man brought a package on a bus. that package exploded after he got off the bus. this is new video of secretary clinton meeting with the palestinian president in the west bank this morning. coming up at 5:15 the chances for a negotiated end to the fighting. >>> time is 5:05. 26-year-old jonathan wilbanks is facing charges of murder, attempted murder and robbery. he and another men are accused of four robberies. and a deadly attempted carjacking and a shooting that injured a police officer on friday night. the two were caught on surveillance video at the 7- eleven where the man was shot and killed by the suspects. a reward is being offered for any information leading to the arrest of the second man. >>> berkeley high school students are bringing weapons to school or coming to campus under the influence. 10% of berkeley high school juniors in the california healthy k
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. those homes typically price between 750,000 and a million dollars. usa today reports in some cities, the high-end digs are selling quicker, spending an average of 116 days on the market in cities like palm springs. it's said that many high-end owners are finally beginning to accept lower prices on high-end homes. the rental market is expected to remain competitive in 2013, keeping it a landlord's market. apartment rents on average will likely tick up 4.6% next year, while vacancy levels drop to 3.9% according to the national association of realtors. anything below 5% is a landlord's market. the cities with the lowest vacancy are portland, new york, and minneapolis. your fingerprint may soon make a bigger impression than your signature when paying with a credit card. discover financial services is testing "paying by fingerprint" among its own employees. staffers who want to participate sign up for the service and can then use touch pads to pay for items in the company cafeteria or convenience store. discover is hoping to develop both a safer and more convenient way to complete a purc
all the way to sunday. >> steve is getting ready, and workplace, where the bay area city stands, which one got the lowest score. >> remember the victims of the shooting, the permanent memorial that will be remembered today. >>> here is a look at the san mateo bridge, no fog is out there and we will have more traffic coming up. . >>> good morning, some areas of fog not as bad as yesterday, still a lot of pockets, increasing clouds, coming in 50s and 60s. >>> suzanne rice is meeting with several people who has been critical of her actions. she will meet with some of her half shift critics. reportedly rice requested the meeting and she is considered a topic to replace hillary rodham clinton but if not nominated she will have to be considered by the nate. >>> and a wreathe of roses and an american flag and a child's note marked her grave. according to the union newspaper, stevens was buried there and he grew up in speed none and was 52 years old. >>> today marks 32 years old since dan white fatally shot george and supervisor harvey milk. a meeting will be held this morning followed by a ma
of peralta road. authorities are still investigating how it started. >>> daly city officials are watching a hillside that collapsed after a water main break there month. crews have been shoring up the site near hillside park ever since the incident on november 13. an eight-inch pipe broke spilling about 45,000 gallons of water and trig earing mudslide. the city has spent almost half a million dollars replacing the soil and vegetation on the hillside. >>> for some things have pretty much wound down and we're seeing some sun of the for others it's still raining. there are some breaks in the clouds especially north and west. down toward parts of the east bay and san jose and on the peninsula, we still have some rain. couple updates here, casadero had 1.90. really heavy rain over toward clear lake. petaluma an inch and a half. santa rosa had over an inch of rain. lexington reservoir 2/3 of an inch. crockett half inch of rain. about a third to a quarter inch palo alto, sfo, oakland, san francisco, lesser amounts as you head south. the system is still producing some rain. most of this will wind
their city, brussels in belgium, decided to do a little video of a flash mob using their very famous majorette crew. they're cheerleaders. another monday morning in brussels, traffic, bicycles. the light turns red at the stop light and here come the girls. ♪ ♪ >> they're going to engage the drivers at this stoplight. >> one way to get some people's attention. that's for sure. >> another way to irritate the heck out of people driving. where are they going? are they late for work? >> they're at a stop sign, anyway, it's not the girls that are making them wait. the first sign reads, flash your lights. then everybody flashes their lights. then they start honking theirhm. you see the girls dancing away. some drivers totally loving it. but you're reiight, nick, some people were annoyed. >> why don't they show some historical sites. >> i was a little underwhelmed by this video. >> the girls are underwhelming. we've got to send them the dolphins cheerleaders, i could watch them watch paint dry. >> why am i not surprised. >> what is it to promote again? >> the city. come look at how excit
. >>> a natural gas explosion damaged 17 building. it happened in the city of springfield west of boston. someone at a strip club smelled gas and that club was leveled. among the injured were police, but they are expected to be okay. >>> it's the second day of protest sins the president signed against demonstrations. >> still a lot of people out here. about 30 tents, which is an indication many of these protesters want to be here for awhile. it's not clear how long they're going to stay here. when you talk to temperature them they seem determine today speak out. >> it's throwing the low system out of the scene totally. >> news conferences on saturday were opposed to mr. moore. they're calling for a nationwide judges strike opposing faction called for a 1 million man protest on tuesday. the brother hood calls for a 1 million man protest too. some critical time here. >>> life along the gaza strip seems to be calm. stores are beginning to open. >>> the editor of a irish nan newspapers who printed topless photos of kate middleton sun bathing in the south of france. it was a go test innovatio
. >>> well, texas city leaders are asking for advanced warning in the event same-sex becomes formally legalized. this coming friday, the u.s. court will decide whether to review the challenge to prop 8. california's voter apressured ban on gay marriage. now, if the high court refusing to -- refuses to hear the case, the earlier ruling would make same-sex marriage legal in california. if that happens, they would need at least 24 hours to prepare for a flood of marriage license requests. >>> andre ward will defend his titles in two months. the super middleweight champ will fight his opponent in los angeles on january 27th. he defeated dawson in the oracle arena in september. he's undefeated since winning gold at the 2004 summer olympics. >>> oakland as players are donating some of their playoff money to charity. they have decided to give away one share worth more than $34,000. their donation will be split between several charities, including big brothers and big sisters and the united way of the bay area. >> how about that? >> 7:18. grab an umbrella, we're getting some wild weather. our
to the north. concord and even 44 in red a road city and a fair weather friend is building in except for a few high and it will hit a low, 60s all the way up to clear lake and novato, and there is a pattern where it is warmer and it is colder in that area to start with. same for antioch, walnut creek, few upper 60s, morgan hill 66 and 66 sunny veil and milpitas not much change. temperatures are very closement and nights and morning's rain will be very thick, maybe end of next week. >>> police are getting a crime donating tool. >>> plus, telling us now about the burial at sea of todd lodwick. >>> and we have more on bay area -- on the bay area coming up. . >>> thanksgiving day parade, flowing over our camera, it is always great, the crowds are out there and is that charlie brown? >> yes, that is charlie brown. >> where is lucy? >> she is never far behind. >>> one of the key things is the crowd lines the street and sheer kermit. 5,000 seats along the parade route have been given to super storm sandy but we are right in the middle of the parade unit and look at these wild turkeys some say they d
and friday into saturday, look off and on with rain moderate especially heavier to the north. >>> what city leaders are ready to do to make sure your plane is safe from birds, we will explain. >>> and a video that is going vie roll in california. -- viral in california. . >>> you have to see this individual years fight in a sacramento mall, this cell phone video shows people punching each other. this has been seen by 50,000 people at least. one shopper even threw a trash can. the fight started in a victoria secret right into the center of a mall. and after being detained in the parking lot, a man stole two dvd players yesterday morning and was detained by two employees and a security guard. now witnesses say the security guard put the suspected thief in a choke hold. when police arrived, the man was bleeding from his nose and mouth and he died a short while later. >>> kevin was killed on saturday. he is from arcade and was assigned to an east coast seal team out of virginia. >>> this they are asking for more approval for east coast domestic drones. they have been flooded with applications f
. traffic is flowing nicely in both directions and no delays into foster city or hayward on the opposite side. >>> in daily city, it was compromised by a water-main break, the water rupture sent thousands of gallons of water into several streets two weeks ago. bails of hay and mesh are put into place to prevent more and storm drains have been cleared to make sure the water has a place to go. stay with us throughout the morning around we are monitoring conditions minute-by- minute as they change on the air. also here on our website and mobile apps. >>> there is an investigation happening right now at alameda high school. several fires were reported just hours ago. brian flores is here to tell us why this may be the work of an arsonnest, dave? >>> you can see this is an active scene and you can see the crime tape, some windows are open as well. this remains after an early morning fire inside one of the classrooms and according to some investigators, they say when they arrived one of the classrooms had flames coming out of it coming from a nearby window and they quickly put it out. they fou
on friday. ktvu channel 2 news. >>> the city of richmond will take the lead in the oversight of the work to rebuild the damaged unit at chevron's refinery there. the unit was heavily damaged during a fire back in august. the city council voted to take a close look at the repairs being made. all documentation will be shared with the public and chevron will be ordered to disassemble and redo any work that city officials say is unsatisfactory. chevron has said it will repair the unit to previous standards but says there will not be any major upgrades. >>> tonight, a growing backlash against a holiday shopping trend many call gray thursday. why one retail expert says shoppers really did this to themselves. rob? >> reporter: the kickoff to the holiday shopping season has traditionally been the day after thanksgiving, but here at wal-mart and other major retailers, they plan to open thanksgiving night, and some shoppers say enough is enough. there may be another thanksgiving tradition coming besides eating and watching football. shopping. target, including this one, plan to open at 9:00, thank
it will be rain city but for now we are good, sunny and warm and dry. >> and enjoy it. >> thanks. >> happy thanks giveing. you too. thank you. >> thank you. >>> well tomorrow we begin one warm coat, which is our annual coat drive. drop off items at four different lotions. bay street, ferry building, santana row and broadway plaza. ktvu news personalities will be on hand at each site and will kickoff the tamm pain tomorrow right on mornings on 2. learn more by going to and clicking on hot topics on the front page. >>> 49er quarterback colorado in copper inform nick played so well he may have earned himself another start. he did that well. they are reporting he head coach told them and him he will start. the report claims his decision is based on performance and not due to smith's concussion but during yesterday's press conference harbaugh refused to officially announce a starter. >>> just ahead we will show you where you can see some of the hottest new cars starting today. also what is new above the streets of manhattan at the annual macy's parade. >>> victims of super storm sandy were am
to guy. they win the city section championship 22-21 over the mission bears. san jose bull dogs brought their undefeated record into the big bone game today at the san jose city college. san jose high, a ball just -- just sitting there. somebody pick it up. finally cruz. watch him down the field. across the field. 60 yards. down to the 5-yard line. lions beat the bull dogs 55-13. both schools finish with 9-1 records. dallas cowboys are the most recent believers in the new star power of rg3. washington spent thanksgiving in dallas today and robert griffin iii adds more big plays to his resume. a 60-yard touchdown. robert griffin iii completes 20- 28 passes. 4 touchdowns and a pick. washington scores 28 points in the 2nd quarter. this is rg3's pass to pierre garcon for another 59-yard score. redskins win in dallas 38-31. both teams are 5-6. lions lost their 9th straight thanksgiving game today, hosting houston. justin forsett. they thought he was done but nobody blows a whistle so he runs for the touchdown. the coach threw a red flag to challenge the call but it is not a challengeable pla
up about 20 to 25% in major cities. i think folks with low interest rates, once they start to see those stick up with some of the presidential policies in place, we could see a drive for home ownership. > > that's true, because we have seen rates dive below 3% as far as the yield on the 30-year, so that is a falsity right there. but i just want to point out that home prices jumped 5% in september. they were up in 81 cities. largest year-over-year increase since 2006. so the housing market is coming back. now i will say this as a negative for the consumer, though: the consumer is usually wrong. they usually sell when they should be buying and buy when they should be selling. that is just human nature. and this is actually a bullish sign for me, the fact that people haven't jumped back in the housing market. > > i agree there. > > bonus round time: ticker time. name the famous company that trades under the ticker symbol: hog. > > that is harley-davidson. [cheers > > good to have you on the show. thanks for being on. still ahead, it's estimated 250,000 investors are looking to give m
. >> their first time here in town, and i wanted to show them the city and san francisco, and why not come over here and see the tree get lit up. >> i'm excited that i'm going to the tree, and i'm going to see the lights, and i'm so excited! >> reporter: we're talking to a lot of people out here who say they have been waiting their whole lives to see this. this tree lighting set to go up at 6:40 this evening, and we will be here and bring it to you later this evening. >>> and a holiday hiatus for work on the central subway, so getting around union square could get a little easier on big holidays. no construction yesterday, today, or again on christmas day or new year's day. construction is also stopped on stockton and ellis until january, and the streets will be reopened to traffic to allow crowds to get in a little easier. >> hundreds of protesters are supposed to be ending their demonstration at a san lie an dough wal-mart today. they quiet confronted wal-mart managers at the store front today. this is the largest protest in the area at wal-marts. earlier today, wal-mart said this action wa
any felony convictions. >>> the city of antioch is trying to entice officer ises to transfer from other agencies. they will consider amending their contract with the public system to come up with the formula that could have officers retouring earlier. right now the city has 14 vacant police officer positions to fill. >>> a controversy at a public school. certain things are offensive and should be beened. >> this black smoke could be seen from shore. this was a 80-foot yacht. >> waking up with cloud and fog -- clouds and fog this morning. we will have what you can expect for sunday, coming up. to deliver fresh fruit to offices in downtown san francisco. we built these wooden crates, filled these with fruit in my one-bedroom apartment. the fruit guys has been with bank of america since they first started. we work with them to help them grow and succeed. we're coming up on 50 employees and delivering to thousands of companies every week. i would definitely say this is a fruitful business. . >>> the coast guard rescued three people after their yacht caught fire off the coast of florid
if 7 cities. now they are the majority in only two cities. danville and clayton. >>> and we've got wet weather headed your way. tomorrow not wet, but as we get into wednesday morning, the rain begins and continues for some time. big shot here. i don't often do this. here is the hawaiian islands. you see how this is getting pulled into the system. it's a lower latitude storm, pulling a lot of tropical moisture, and it's going to make a beeline for parts of the north bay. that will be the heaviest rain locations. so the clouds are increasing now. they will be mostly cloudy by tomorrow afternoon, and we start rain around here early wednesday morning. the overnight low is going to be cool. we'll see valley fog again tonight. a dose of it this morning, a dose of it again tomorrow morning. 48 in oakland. it will be warmer. this will be the coolest morning we'll have for a while, because when that system gets in here, next one, it has that moisture tap from the south. it's going to be warm, mild, temperatures in the low 50s and 60s when it's raining. so some clouds tonight, mostly cool. foggy
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